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Guidance Office 2017- 2018


Health Requirements for Enrollment:
All 6th graders and any new student enrolling from outside Fayette County must provide a current immunization (new requirements include a Tdap, MCV and 2nd Varicella) and a physical (a sports physical does NOT fulfill this requirement) on or before the first day of school. A tuberculosis skin test must be given and read prior to enrollment if the student is coming from outside the U.S.
Click here to see a list of immunization and physical exam clinics.

Resources for Dealing with Grief and Loss

Registrar: Rebecca Frakes

The Counselors:

Ms. Cheek is the counselor for the 6th grade and A - I of the 8th grade

Mrs. Adams is the counselor for the 7th  grade and J - Z for the 8th grade

The  Crawford counselors rotate with their students so you will have the same counselor through your 3 years at Crawford Middle School.

What is a school counselor?

  • A certificated, specially trained, caring person

  • A school person who helps all students

  • A resource person

  • A coordinator

  • A consultant

  • A group leader

  • A person who helps teachers, adults, and parents understand children

How does a school counselor become knowledgeable of current trends in guidance and counseling?

  • Leadership workshops and seminars

  • Professional development training sessions

  • Conventions and conferences

  • Continuing education

  • Regular inter-school counselor meetings

  • County, state, and national counselor association meetings

    What does a school counselor do?

    • Talks with students individually and in groups

    • Gains understanding through observation and participation in the classroom

    • Helps in identifying the needs of children

    • Works with potential dropouts

    • Helps students relate to others

    • Promotes positive attitudes and values among students

    • Aids teachers and parents in helping children

    • Helps people to make better use of community resources

    • Uses test to provide information about abilities, achievement, interests, and needs

    • Assists students with the growing process

    • Coordinates efforts with other school specialists

    • Coordinates referrals to outside agencies

    • Facilitates parent discussion groups

    • Helps with school, collage, job, career, and personal plans

    • Participates in curriculum development

    • Maintains student confidences

    With whom does a school counselor consult?

    • Teachers

    • Parents

    • Administrators

    • Pupil personnel workers

    • Community resource personnel

    • Physicians, psychologists, and mental health professionals

    How does a student see the counselor?

    • Appointment made by the counselor

    • Self-referral

    • Parent referral

    • Administrative referral

    • Teacher and other staff referral

    • Referral by a friend

    • Drop in

    Where can a student see the counselor?

    • In the counselors office

    • In the classroom

    • In the hallway

    • On the playground

    • In the lunchroom

    • Outside the school


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