Student Resources

MAP Reading Practice

MAP Math Practice



Ms. Casey: Energy Skate Park: Basics



Ms. Green:  Castle View


Ms. Green: Romans: Leisure Time

Ms. Green:  Ancient Greek Columns

Ms. Green:  Ancient Greek - The Olympic Games

Ms. Green: Ancient Egypt Lesson


Ms. Casey: Barbie Bungie Template


Ms. Bayne: Periodic Web Quest

Ms. Bayne: Scratch

Ms. Bayne: NOVA Labs

Ms. Bayne: Geohistory Questions

Ms. Bayne: Regents Earth

Ms. Bayne: Reference Tables for Physical Setting/Earth Science


Ms. Casey: Science Fair Resources

Ms. Casey: Real Scientists

Ms. Casey: Chick Embryo Development

Ms. Casey: Charles Darwin’s Game of Survival

Ms. Casey: Peppered moth natural selection simulationcomputer

Ms. Casey: PHET - Interactive Simulations

Ms. Casey: Cornell Lab Bird Cams

Ms. Casey: CELLS alive!

Ms. Casey: Weebly Interactive Science Sites


Mr. Craft:  ART Website: Brightonline


Nutrislice App: Fayette County has a new App!  It’s called “Nutrislice”.  On this app, you can see the menu for each day & also find nutritional information for each menu item.   This will make information available very easily & quickly when you need it.  There is also a link to mypaymentsplus, so checking account balances is even simpler.






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